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    Who am I? Here are some typical examples Why are we here? When the soul has relinquished the body, people say, the light (which is soul) has gone, that which lived in it has departed and the drama is over. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Body-Consciousness the root cause of all evils in the world. In other words, the person thinks, feels, acts, behaves, compares etc with the awareness that he or she is a soul, the master of the body. The karma in turn has good or bad effect. The body is mortal; I have got it to do actions and to experience the result of my actions. The soul is like a driver in-charge of the body, which serves as a carriage to the soul. So we must acquire right knowledge of what is good and what is bad action. The quality of thoughts determines the quality of our karma. Predispositions (called Sanskaras in Hindi) are the impressions or sub consciousness which is the record of all the souls past experiences and actions. Faculties of a Soul, faculties of a Soul, the soul is a living or a sentient being. The Power of Thought, the most powerful instrument that mankind possesses is thought power. How do my thoughts and feelings interact with the body?

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    bleie datingsider uusimaa

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    Raja Yoga meditation helps us in doing the right thinking that leads to pärnu escorts suomi kuopio righteous actions. When in soul-consciousness, the original qualities of a soul naturally emerge. The thought process is the basis of all emotions, desires and sensations. The law of Karma is inviolable. Thoughts are fertilized by knowledge. Knowledge gives wisdom; a person without knowledge is a person whose thoughts will be formed in ignorance. The first lesson is all about complete understanding of the self, which has remained a mystery that has eluded scientists, philosophers, great thinkers and many other intellectuals. Thoughts build our consciousness and shape our attitude. The answers lie in one eternal truth based on the Law of Karma or the Karma Philosophy that no one can escape the result of his or her karma. Therefore, souls always desire for experiences of these qualities. So everyone must act with a sense of responsibility. A person with a certain kind of knowledge usually creates thoughts in harmony with that knowledge. Every action is preceded by thoughts. What we see as the old or young, ugly or beautiful, male or female, are also the differing levels of physical energies. The morale of the story I have to do right karma for my benefit; it is not for showing it to anyone outside. Why is she beautiful and I ugly? There are a finite number of souls. It is the mind that imagines, thinks and forms ideas. I am the doer and the one who experiences. Nature of Soul, a soul is a tiny, metaphysical, conscient point of spiritual light. This is the seat of the soul.

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    • Home Seven Days Course Contact Us Intro Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day - 1 Realizing the Self Sometime in the journey of life, some of the following questions might have crossed your mind).
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    How to make my mind powerful? What is my real identity? Atomic particles build together to form the organic structures and inorganic minerals, which perform the bodys chemical interactions, thus forming the basis of the hormonal and nervous control of the body. Brain is the machine by means of which the soul thinks, remembers, receives messages from or gives directions to the sense-organs. When we speak of defects, specialties or virtues, we are referring to the Sanskaras. Why does the timid, quiet little widow who has never said a harsh word to anyone, live in appalling conditions and die unwanted and uncared for? The brain is the meeting place of all nerves, which carry sensations from all parts of the body to brain which functions like a control-room and makes the body to work. Seat of the Soul. I am a living entity different from the body! It is in the brain that the soul, through the nerves, puts the body to work and experiences physical sensations, pleasure and pain or happiness and sorrow. Similarly, the conscious entity in the body which uses the word I is different from the body which has eyes, ears, nose etc as its components.

    bleie datingsider uusimaa

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